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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vision in Green Earrings - About Uvarovite

As seen on the beautiful Ms N

Now if you took a moment to take a peek at the brand spanking new store and its contents, you might have come across a pretty unusual pair of earrings i have christened 'Vision in Green' - yeah, i know - but it was either that or Green Goddess ... anyhow, i thought i would give you a little background to these compellingly attractive and rarely seen gems.  The'official' name of this gem  is Uvarovite Garnet.  It is a rare gem mined in eastern europe; often as here,  a mesmerizing emerald green in color. It was named after Count S S Uvarov back in the 1700s, a Russian statesman and ardent collector of mined minerals. Yes! teresat does romance too!   I have described it as 'drusy' as this is a description used for a natural surface coating of fine crystals that sparkle. You will actually find lots of drusy sparkle in my store, as i adore its other worldy and absolutely natural glitter and sparkle.  Note for example, the Galaxy, drusy agate earrings - absolutely fabulous! Aside from the rarity of Uvarovite, a further reason for its high cost is that the material must be cut by hand in order to follow the shape of the crsytals.  These emerald colored beauties are usually freeform - hence the unusual shape when cut.  The pair shown in the store are the only pair available at the moment. I am always on the look out for fab quality uvarovite and there will certainly be more pieces of this amazing material, as i find it.
Lastly - if any of you come up with a more desirable moniker (name) than 'Vision in Green' - teresat will consider using it. Suggestions please!

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