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I am a woman, wife, mother. I love the life i've lived and the life i live now. i love my partner, my 5 children, my friends and my home. I also love creating jewelry for the beautiful women who want to look chic, have fun, and love the lives they live too!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

teresat jewelry design: Emerald Green Onyx Hoops -

teresat jewelry design: Emerald Green Onyx Hoops - "wmicro faceted emerald green onyx hoops Remember i mentioned the hoops & pendant i had hand wired in the signature teresat style the oth..."

Emerald Green Onyx Hoops -

wmicro faceted emerald green onyx hoops

Remember i mentioned the hoops & pendant i had hand wired in the signature teresat style the other day? the very same set the divine ms M had coveted the moment she saw them?! well here they are -photgraphed against the shrubbery!  Not as fabulously photo-ed as those by ms courtney steffens - photographer extraordinaire - but i think you get the gist!  so here we have in the first photo, medium (about one & half inch) hoops, mico-faceted emerald green onyx are hand wired with gold filled wire.  Pretty tiny faceted beads of about 3mm.  This onyx is absolutely dazzling 'in person' as you say; the 'micro' part of faceting means that the cutting/faceting of each individual bead is very precisely done.  the result is a beautiful shine, where each bead reflects light off each angle of the faceted angle.  As i personally prefer earrings that dangle, i always tend to design my first pair in a longer style; the pair shown measures about 2 inches.  Many of my customers prefer them with say, one link above the hoop, attached to an earwire or post. Or perhaps a shorter chain to make the length say, 1 and half inch.
the second picture shows the earrings with matching circle 'O' pendant.  This pendant is shown on a long (32") gold filled chain.  at times, i have also attached this the 'O'  pendant to a 17 inch chain which lies with dramatic effect, below the collar bone.  the online store will soon feature these signature pieces in a variety of colors.  The 'O' pendant looks fabulous layered in 2 or 3 pieces, showing different colors.  I mainly use precious rondelles such as emerald, sapphire, ruby or semi-precious such as labradorite, moonstone, smoky quartz, peridot... the list is endless.  Great idea for birthday month colors; a gift for a friend or yourself.  Thank you for recent orders through the online store. please pass the good news on to your galpals and friends. it is much appreciated! enjoy your weekend - all of you! micro faceted emerald green onyx hoops & pendant

Thursday, July 29, 2010

teresat jewelry design: Launched today!

teresat jewelry design: Launched today!: "This charming 'evitation' was sent to a select group of loyal lady fans of teresat custom jewelry pieces. Let's hope the following find some..." Launched today!

This charming 'evitation' was sent to a select group of loyal lady fans of teresat custom jewelry pieces. Let's hope the following find something they love or at least - don't already have.  Worse, let us pray online squabbles do not ensue, as a result of one-of-a-kind pieces are spotted by one - and not the other.  Minor frets aside and truth to say -  there are sure to be enough chic, fun, trendworthy pieces to make everyone feel special and happy.  And if not - teresat will have to work a little bit harder to make absolutely sure!
teresat visited one of her most loyal lady fans today to deliver the Good News of todays launch.  she wore one of her own signature hand wire wrapped 'O' earrings and matching pendant, in the most divine sparkling tiny, green, faceted onyx.  Needless to say and as usual, the divine Ms M wanted them straight away!  but teresat hadn't even photographed them for the rest of you yet - so she will have to wait - a little while anyway! i will try to show them to you tomorrow at latest.  they really are gemmily gorgeous!  Ms M understood and order was restored.  phew!  i can't tell you how many abfab pieces have been picked off in the past by clamoring devotees,even  before teresat can get them in front of a camera. Not to worry - teresat now makes sure everything she creates gets in front of the camera first.  we all need to share the love.  right?!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vision in Green Earrings - About Uvarovite

As seen on the beautiful Ms N

Now if you took a moment to take a peek at the brand spanking new store and its contents, you might have come across a pretty unusual pair of earrings i have christened 'Vision in Green' - yeah, i know - but it was either that or Green Goddess ... anyhow, i thought i would give you a little background to these compellingly attractive and rarely seen gems.  The'official' name of this gem  is Uvarovite Garnet.  It is a rare gem mined in eastern europe; often as here,  a mesmerizing emerald green in color. It was named after Count S S Uvarov back in the 1700s, a Russian statesman and ardent collector of mined minerals. Yes! teresat does romance too!   I have described it as 'drusy' as this is a description used for a natural surface coating of fine crystals that sparkle. You will actually find lots of drusy sparkle in my store, as i adore its other worldy and absolutely natural glitter and sparkle.  Note for example, the Galaxy, drusy agate earrings - absolutely fabulous! Aside from the rarity of Uvarovite, a further reason for its high cost is that the material must be cut by hand in order to follow the shape of the crsytals.  These emerald colored beauties are usually freeform - hence the unusual shape when cut.  The pair shown in the store are the only pair available at the moment. I am always on the look out for fab quality uvarovite and there will certainly be more pieces of this amazing material, as i find it.
Lastly - if any of you come up with a more desirable moniker (name) than 'Vision in Green' - teresat will consider using it. Suggestions please!

teresat jewelry design: New Jewelry Designer TeresaT

teresat jewelry design: New Jewelry Designer TeresaT: "i'm getting excited, and so is everyone else around me who has been part of getting my vision to this place. my new online store is ready ..."

New Jewelry Designer TeresaT

i'm getting excited, and so is everyone else around me who has been part of getting my vision to this place. my new online store is ready to roll! it looks absolutely beautiful and is creating a buzz between those faithful followers who have waited so long to see my hand made creations make it to the world wide screen. Now ladies everywhere are going to be able to find my lariats made from gemmy sapphire, ruby, moonstone, citrine ..... really, those i have listed - but truth be told, they can be created from any color stone - precious and semi-precious - a lady would desire! think, labradorite, emerald (ooooh, scrumptious!); topaz, pink or purple amethyst, black diamond! you name it - it can be delivered! my ruby lariat featured can be seen top of this page actually. i can't wait for folk to finally see my signature rosaries either! the title, NotYourMother'sRosary (NYMR) sums it up really. These rosaries are absolutely desirable. i have shown them in either tahitian shell pearl or a glossy virginal white version. both are accented with fabulous swarovski encrusted beads and crosses. just this side of hiphop heaven rather than... well.. the other! asa new jewelry designer i want to get out to my followers old and new, the ideas of versatility in my pieces. the NYMRosary is fabulous as is, single strand; but equally abfab doubled! the crystal encrusted magnetic clasps then falls to the front - blending with the other crystal encrusted accents. an absolute treat to wear. you will always draw comments whichever way you wear it! i need to get to work on another emerald green onyx hand wired piece i've been asked for. you can find the first version and all the other pieces mentioned above on There, i've said it!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beads,Gems,Silver,Gold & the whole darn thing!

For a person who never stops communicating, texting,mailing,skyping,you name it; it's difficult to now come across a clean expanse of space, a page, to begin my foray into blogging. er, why is that? it's because i'm here to talk about what i do. when not communicating verbally or by written word - i communicate my ideas in color, shape, design, texture and finished product. I am a jewelry designer. yes, yet another one. but i'll try and keep this interesting. after all, i need to create a following. so while i've been advised by those well meaning darlings around me to keep it focused on the work in hand - that is, beads, gems, inspirations, colors, moods and overal beauty and harmony - yes my dears, indeed i will try. But it's not all about the gems is it? Truth is, although i am completely consumed by my beads, my wire, my gold, silver, i also have a life, right? The question arises now, does my passion fit comfortably into my life?, or does my life - and all that it comprises (and that's a heck of a lot) - fit into my world of gems. At day's end my thoughts linger on works in progress and works to come. I may wake with an inspiration - just as the way i have heard a writer wakes with an inspiration - a pressing urge to write, create, get the words onto the paper. So this journey is for me. Shapes, colors, textures, blend into new ideas for even more beautiful designs. And when i have consigned those parts to a physical piece - i move on to the next. I place that last piece in the past with the hundreds of other pieces i have created over the past couple of years. It is only when i see it being worn or see an image that i fully remember it. When i by chance see one of the wonderful women who wear my pieces, i have been heard to exclaim "oh what a beautiful piece! how lovely it looks on you"! This always elicits smiles from both parties; but it is because i move on so rapidly with the next design - that when i see a previous piece - i am genuinely delighted at how it looks, and how the woman looks, wearing it.
So, here it is. my first blog. and next time i promise to talk about jewels, gems and the whole darn thing! i'm excited and happy to be here.