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I am a woman, wife, mother. I love the life i've lived and the life i live now. i love my partner, my 5 children, my friends and my home. I also love creating jewelry for the beautiful women who want to look chic, have fun, and love the lives they live too!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beads,Gems,Silver,Gold & the whole darn thing!

For a person who never stops communicating, texting,mailing,skyping,you name it; it's difficult to now come across a clean expanse of space, a page, to begin my foray into blogging. er, why is that? it's because i'm here to talk about what i do. when not communicating verbally or by written word - i communicate my ideas in color, shape, design, texture and finished product. I am a jewelry designer. yes, yet another one. but i'll try and keep this interesting. after all, i need to create a following. so while i've been advised by those well meaning darlings around me to keep it focused on the work in hand - that is, beads, gems, inspirations, colors, moods and overal beauty and harmony - yes my dears, indeed i will try. But it's not all about the gems is it? Truth is, although i am completely consumed by my beads, my wire, my gold, silver, i also have a life, right? The question arises now, does my passion fit comfortably into my life?, or does my life - and all that it comprises (and that's a heck of a lot) - fit into my world of gems. At day's end my thoughts linger on works in progress and works to come. I may wake with an inspiration - just as the way i have heard a writer wakes with an inspiration - a pressing urge to write, create, get the words onto the paper. So this journey is for me. Shapes, colors, textures, blend into new ideas for even more beautiful designs. And when i have consigned those parts to a physical piece - i move on to the next. I place that last piece in the past with the hundreds of other pieces i have created over the past couple of years. It is only when i see it being worn or see an image that i fully remember it. When i by chance see one of the wonderful women who wear my pieces, i have been heard to exclaim "oh what a beautiful piece! how lovely it looks on you"! This always elicits smiles from both parties; but it is because i move on so rapidly with the next design - that when i see a previous piece - i am genuinely delighted at how it looks, and how the woman looks, wearing it.
So, here it is. my first blog. and next time i promise to talk about jewels, gems and the whole darn thing! i'm excited and happy to be here.

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