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I am a woman, wife, mother. I love the life i've lived and the life i live now. i love my partner, my 5 children, my friends and my home. I also love creating jewelry for the beautiful women who want to look chic, have fun, and love the lives they live too!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Jewelry Designer TeresaT

i'm getting excited, and so is everyone else around me who has been part of getting my vision to this place. my new online store is ready to roll! it looks absolutely beautiful and is creating a buzz between those faithful followers who have waited so long to see my hand made creations make it to the world wide screen. Now ladies everywhere are going to be able to find my lariats made from gemmy sapphire, ruby, moonstone, citrine ..... really, those i have listed - but truth be told, they can be created from any color stone - precious and semi-precious - a lady would desire! think, labradorite, emerald (ooooh, scrumptious!); topaz, pink or purple amethyst, black diamond! you name it - it can be delivered! my ruby lariat featured can be seen top of this page actually. i can't wait for folk to finally see my signature rosaries either! the title, NotYourMother'sRosary (NYMR) sums it up really. These rosaries are absolutely desirable. i have shown them in either tahitian shell pearl or a glossy virginal white version. both are accented with fabulous swarovski encrusted beads and crosses. just this side of hiphop heaven rather than... well.. the other! asa new jewelry designer i want to get out to my followers old and new, the ideas of versatility in my pieces. the NYMRosary is fabulous as is, single strand; but equally abfab doubled! the crystal encrusted magnetic clasps then falls to the front - blending with the other crystal encrusted accents. an absolute treat to wear. you will always draw comments whichever way you wear it! i need to get to work on another emerald green onyx hand wired piece i've been asked for. you can find the first version and all the other pieces mentioned above on www.TeresaT.com There, i've said it!

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