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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Emerald Green Onyx Hoops -

wmicro faceted emerald green onyx hoops

Remember i mentioned the hoops & pendant i had hand wired in the signature teresat style the other day? the very same set the divine ms M had coveted the moment she saw them?! well here they are -photgraphed against the shrubbery!  Not as fabulously photo-ed as those by ms courtney steffens - photographer extraordinaire - but i think you get the gist!  so here we have in the first photo, medium (about one & half inch) hoops, mico-faceted emerald green onyx are hand wired with gold filled wire.  Pretty tiny faceted beads of about 3mm.  This onyx is absolutely dazzling 'in person' as you say; the 'micro' part of faceting means that the cutting/faceting of each individual bead is very precisely done.  the result is a beautiful shine, where each bead reflects light off each angle of the faceted angle.  As i personally prefer earrings that dangle, i always tend to design my first pair in a longer style; the pair shown measures about 2 inches.  Many of my customers prefer them with say, one link above the hoop, attached to an earwire or post. Or perhaps a shorter chain to make the length say, 1 and half inch.
the second picture shows the earrings with matching circle 'O' pendant.  This pendant is shown on a long (32") gold filled chain.  at times, i have also attached this the 'O'  pendant to a 17 inch chain which lies with dramatic effect, below the collar bone.  the online store will soon feature these signature pieces in a variety of colors.  The 'O' pendant looks fabulous layered in 2 or 3 pieces, showing different colors.  I mainly use precious rondelles such as emerald, sapphire, ruby or semi-precious such as labradorite, moonstone, smoky quartz, peridot... the list is endless.  Great idea for birthday month colors; a gift for a friend or yourself.  Thank you for recent orders through the online store. please pass the good news on to your galpals and friends. it is much appreciated! enjoy your weekend - all of you! micro faceted emerald green onyx hoops & pendant

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