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Thursday, August 5, 2010

turquoise & lapis earrings

 i absolutely love to blend colors! one of my favorite blends is turquoise and lapis.  i made these earrings today and they are so fresh, fun & fabulous! given it's full name, 'lapis lazuli' is also known as the 'stone of the ancients'.  egyptian priests named it 'the stone from heaven'; it was considered an amulet of healing and power.  the intense blue of lapis is speckled with golden strands of pyrite.  artists in the middle ages ground the stone and used it in paintings. think beautifully hued skies and seas.

I  also created a small pendant in the same color blend, but this with a turquoise nugget and using a similar lapis briolette, with a hammerd gold cap.  i have also introduced a wee gold nugget bead & placed the three pieces on a fine vermeil chain.  of course all the above are available in silver earwire & chain.  i also love to blend  turquoise with purple and pink with orange!  i shall introduce pieces showing these color blends over the next weeks and onto the website in timely manner!  these pieces will be in the $100 and under range.

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