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I am a woman, wife, mother. I love the life i've lived and the life i live now. i love my partner, my 5 children, my friends and my home. I also love creating jewelry for the beautiful women who want to look chic, have fun, and love the lives they live too!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Marquise Classic Earrings in Ruby & Emerald -

Today i recreated a pair of the classic marquise earrings you will find on my website,
Currently these marquise earrings are shown hand wired with a beautiful emerald rondelle. I want to make them available also in ruby and sapphire rondelles. I intend to complete a sapphire pair tomorrow, &; shall show you next time i photograph. Here at left, you can see the ruby rondelle i made today. I have used a gorgeous, faceted ruby rondelle, measuring about 4mm. This is African ruby that has a slight blueish tinge when seen on the strand, or in a cluster. The gold and silver marquise shape hangs about 2" from just below the earring post. I have actually made this earring slighter shorter than first shown on the website. (here above at right)  I personally prefer long earrings but have had to learn that not everyone else does! I actually also prefer ear wires to ear posts; but listening to the faithful, has again taught me otherwise. I am happy to create the style of how you enjoy wearing any the earrings you will find on, shorter, longer, ear posts or ear wires. You may request your custom look by contacting me via the website.

Needless to say, it is possible to handwire any precious or semi-precious gem the heart desires onto any shape one also desires!  but as a solitary jewelry designer creating custom - & not mass produced pieces - it would be quite impractical for me to do this! However, coming up soon are my teresat signature hand wrapped circles; featuring earrings & pendants. The finished pieces are with ms courtney steffens, photographer extraordinaire, as i write and my amazing website guru ms t manacek, shall be performing her technical jiggery pokery next week! I, for my part will need to attach monikers to all new pieces ... and hope for the best!  I'll keep you all posted!

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