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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ruby Red Jade

Hope you have all been well! back to school for some & an end of summerish feeling for others. in any case, a shift in the feel of things wouldn't you say? i've been working on a 'bunch of things' as you would say if you were american or 'a ton of stuff' if you are english. anyhow, i have recently come across an ample supply of lovely jade rondelles; i love jade because it can mimic so many other gems. it can be dyed in so many colors and i have acquired jade in ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue, amethyst purple and citrine yellow... i started with the ruby red which i have handwired with goldfilled wire into a lengthy 'Y' necklace typical of the teresat style. these beautiful ruby red jade rondelles are slighter larger than the genuine ruby rondelles i also work with - if this were genuine ruby - it would cost a small fortune because of the gem weight & cut! however, be assured, i do put as much love & labor into these pieces, regardless of provenance! so this piece (pictured), is long; about 45" actually, measured to the base of the crystal.  this rather splendid crystal is pretty huge i would say - and not for the faint hearted.  it is absolutely gorgeous and i was very happy to finally use it, given that it had lain in my bag of tricks for over a year with no design in mind.  it is a multi-faceted austrian crystal measuring approx  1" across & one & a half inches in length.  it is a shimmering raspberry red and pretty mesmerising i must say!  perhaps if i gaze into it long enough, i will see my future!
i suppose i could have photographed & shown you this raspberry crystal pendant before i had used it, & placed the jade rondelles beside it; then shown you the work in progress & so on.  this next photo is of a collection of carved turquoise jade flowers i have a mind to use. 
each flower measures approx one & a half inch across. on one hand i would like to use them on turqoise beads; clustered to the side or optionally to the front on say, an 18 - 20" length; on the other hand, i love to occasionally put turquoise with smoky quartz.  i think this would dress the turquoise up, much more sophis!  leave it with me & i shall show you the final result ... 'shortly' :)   in the meantime, keep your eye on - i am putting new designs into the web store this week and hope you will find something that you like! 

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