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I am a woman, wife, mother. I love the life i've lived and the life i live now. i love my partner, my 5 children, my friends and my home. I also love creating jewelry for the beautiful women who want to look chic, have fun, and love the lives they live too!

Saturday, September 18, 2010 New Pieces

Finally managed to list new items to the website. above are the 'marquise classic' earrings in gorgeous sapphire, ruby & emerald.  the variegated blue is a pristine cubic zirconia.

To the right are the signature teresat 'les cirques' - here in onyx green quatz, black spinel & a lovely tiny fresh water pearl.  Of course, as we all all know - these circles come in any color you wish - but i need to be sensiible - don't i!

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